Compare And Contrast Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Love. A mysterious and powerful emotion which humans and possibly other species experience. True love is often questioned between couples with doubtful thoughts, such as, “Does he/she really love me for who I am?” and “How can I be so sure that I am the one being loved and not my status?” In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare shows the story of Romeo and Juliet, two famous pairs of lovers. Although Romeo and Juliet are famous for their deep love with each other, their reckless and immature behavior proves otherwise. Romeo and Juliet, became a perfect match for each other in an instant. Romeo, still distant from Juliet is convinced he never “saw true beauty till this night” (Shakespeare 62) In comparison to normal lovers, Romeo and Juliet’s love…show more content…
Juliet, from a different family than Romeo, wishes he “be some other name” (Shakespeare 80). Juliet is aware of the difference of families between herself and Romeo. She wishes that Romeo would have been called some other name so they could love each other in peace. Replying to her plea, Romeo does not care about his family and is willing to “be new baptized” (Shakespeare 80). Romeo’s love with Juliet is overwhelming that he does not think of his status in the Montague family. He blindly follows his heart with Romeo in accepting to be her love. Their love with each other is blocking their sense of loyalty of families. They do not hesitate anything as long as they are able to meet and hope to live with each other happily because romantic love brings out “addictive behaviors [similar to how] gambling or drug use [does]” (Love and Pain Relief). Romeo and Juliet are not thinking to marry someone in their perspective families. They found each other when Romeo of a different family infiltrated the party of the Capulets. The couple ignore the border in spite of the consequences that could in sue if they get caught by the head of the families because “love really can be a drug” (Love and Pain

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