Who Is Responsible For The Deaths Of Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Romeo and Juliet’s story presents many possible situations that may have caused their tragic ending. William Shakespeare includes many motifs in the tragic play, which combine to tell the story of two lovers: Romeo and Juliet. In Romeo and Juliet, it may appear that a supernatural force controls the relationship of the two lovers. However, the references of celestial bodies reveal how Romeo and Juliet brought their own doom upon themselves. A supernatural force, such as fate, appears to control the outcome of Romeo and Juliet's relationship. Fate, a force avoided temporarily, occurs frequently in Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet, a “pair of star-crossed lovers” ending their own life, reveals the power or the work of fate (Prologue 6). The “[stars]”, a metaphor for fate, rules the destiny of the relationship between Romeo and Juliet (Prologue 6). A star signifies fate because the era in which Romeo and Juliet takes place, focused on astronomy and how it connects to the…show more content…
The night that Romeo and Juliet meet, Juliet suggests their marriage. Juliet does not want Romeo to swear by the “inconstant moon” because it changes frequently and symbolizes the inconsistency of their relationship (2.2.109). Juliet contributes to both Romeo and her deaths by swearing their love for each other and getting married too early. Juliet does not want to get married the night that they meet because it is like “lightning” (2.2.119). Lightning connotes hastiness and danger. As a result, Juliet believes starting their relationship too quickly could cause something dangerous to happen. Knowing the danger that could occur, Juliet and Romeo still decide to exchange vows the following day. By moving into their relationship and getting married to quickly, Romeo and Juliet create their future problems. Overall, the decisions that Romeo and Juliet make builds their approaching

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