Relationship Between Romeo And Juliet Act 2 Scene 5

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Act 2 Scene 5 is important to the plays plot because it reveals more about the relationship between both Juliet and Nurse and their individual personalities. However, in this particular soliloquy spoken by Juliet we gain an understanding of how eager and concerned Juliet is about receiving the news of her love from the Nurse. The tone is this soliloquy is extremely impatient and really highlights Juliet's youthful impulsiveness throughout the play Love, used commonly by Shakespeare, is the first main theme we take notice to in this solioquy. In the excerpt "Loves heralds should be thoughts, which ten times faster glide than the suns beams driving back shadows over louring hills" there are a variety of literature techniques used. Juliet personifies love and the sun's beams, uses imagery to describe the louring hills and uses both a metaphor and hyperbole to exaggerate how much faster the message of love would be received if it were to travel through thoughts.…show more content…
When Juliet talks about doves that draw love, she is referring to a painting of Venus the Goddess of love in a carriage being pulled by doves. By referring to Venus and doves to convey loves, Juliet has used symbolism. Juliet's thought in this excerpt is that because Love is painted as swift and nimble, which are both synonyms for quick, the news of her love should be quickly delivered to her as well. Instead, she is still waiting for the slow Nurse, who can't possibly care as much as Juliet does, because she's
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