Comparing Relationships In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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People's lives revolve around loving relationships. These relationships take over, shaping people into who they are, and determining what characteristics they obtain throughout life. These connections pave the road for what is yet to come, and leave a captivating pathway that can only be justified by actions in the name of love. These bonds of love cannot be duplicated, nor can they be compared. Each is rare in a specific way, with their unique consequences. William Shakespeare's creative thought process was able to depict these different relationships and compress them into a play that captivates it's audience. The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet embraces numerous loving relationships and manages to use the ramifications of these relationships…show more content…
True love is someone putting a person's life on the line so that their significant other can be at ease. True love is doing anything for a lover, even if it means the person doing the actions loses everything. Romeo and Juliet have complete disregard for their own well beings in an attempt to better each other's lives. Juliet risks being disowned from her entire family for one gentleman. She goes behind her parent's backs in order to get wedded when she has only known Romeo for fewer than twenty-four hours. She met Romeo for the initial time the prior hours of darkness, and ran off to Friar Lawrence's cell the following afternoon for her wedding ceremony. Later on in the play, Juliet sacrifices more than just her social status; she puts her life on the line. Her true love for Romeo is so prevailing, that she would rather physically forge her own death with a potion than be married to Paris. Although Juliet does some bold things in order to be with her true love, Romeo risks being assassinated numerous times in the name of love. He visits Juliet in her orchard not even an hour after seeing her for the first time. Romeo's last name is virtually a "target" for the Capulet guards. Being even more daring, he spends the night at the Capulet

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