Health Disparities Reflection

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One of the biggest eye opening things that I have ever heard was the Health Disparities lecture on October 1st. After class on Thursday my view on everything did a complete turn. There were quite a few things that were said that I could apply to my life. I am to be considered as “white” but I am in a relationship with an African American. I’ve seen the looks of disgust that people give us as we walk by together. I’ve seen women hold onto their purses tighter as we pass by them. I’ve seen men hold onto their wives/girlfriends tighter as we have passed by. I always wondered why people would act that way towards us. We were doing nothing wrong, we acted just like a normal couple. One time I even had an older lady pull me aside and tell me that I could do much better than a black man who one day will turn into a criminal. I have never been ashamed of my boyfriend’s race or ethnicity. I came to this conclusion months ago. Some people will…show more content…
I have always considered foreign exchange students to be smart but I have always thought of that as good thing. I would never call them out on that. After the lecture I went back to my dorm room and called my parents. I told them I would be absolutely miserable if I had to move to an entirely new country, learn new customs, and be made fun of for being smart. I have always felt bad for those students. I only live three hours away from here. If I want to see my family or friends back home I just hope in the car on Friday after class and head home for the weekend. Those students who come from abroad don’t have that luxury they have to jump on a plane for hours or their family has to fly here. All the things that we say to them or when they see a mom and dad hugging their child saddens and hurts them. After this talked about foreign exchange students have my respect because I know that I would never be able to move out of the country for

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