Regenerate Body Parts

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Daysan Chambers Anatomy period E 10/2/15 Essay I watched a documentary on "How to build a beating heart". In this documentary we learned that we could regenerate body parts. They would show the process on how people can regenerate there hand. Second thing I will talk about is the doctor remaking hearts to match each individual person. The last thing I'm going to talk about is how they can make skin.…show more content…
The plane ended up cutting his finger off. His brother was working on regrowing body parts. Lee brother told him to put pig pee that was powder on his finger. For months he would put it on his finger. After a couple of months his finger grew right back. The two negative things about this it can cause you to smell really bad. Second thing is anyone could do this experiment if they own pigs which means they couldn't make a lot of money off people. There are 2,500 people that need a heart transplant. There is a long waiting line to a heart transplant. Doctors have been trying to remake a heart that matches the person. The good thing is it could save life's and there wouldn't be anymore waiting lines. The negative part about this it could take a long time to make a heart that matches the person. The second part is the heart transplant might be to expensive because it would be a hot

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