Oral Synthesis Essay

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Staphylococcus aureus is the most likely pathogen that cause osteomyelitis, based on the patients risk factors one of which is diabetes, and thus the empiric treatment for osteomyelitis targets this organism.10 With MRSA becoming more common, the use of anti MRSA antimicrobials should be considered as first line for osteomyelitis that may be caused by Staph species.10 For moderate to severe presentations, parenteral therapies of antibiotics are usually given in order to maximise the concentration of the drug in the bones, these may then be switched to oral therapy as required.10 Flucloxacillin, a narrow spectrum penicillin with anti- staph activity, it works by inhibiting the cell wall synthesis of by inhibiting the production of the peptidoglycan layer and as this layer is the primary component of the cell wall of gram positive bacteria, it is effective against gram positive bacteria.13 It is important to consider if Mrs DU is allergic to penicillin type of treatment and if so, parenteral clindamycin 450 mg q8h is a better alternative for…show more content…
aureus, its mechanism of action is to inhibit the translocation of ribosome which in turn inhibits protein synthesis.13 Rifampicin is often used especially in the cases similar to Mrs DU’s where foreign objects are present in osteomyelitis.10 Fusidic acid can also not be used as monotherapy because it develops resistance quickly if used by itself.13 When using rifampicin it is important to note that it is a CYP450 inducer so caution should be taking when administering other drugs metabolised by these class of enzymes as adverse drug reactions can

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