Jean Baptiste Lamarck's Theory Of The Theories Of Evolution

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SOLUSI UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF THEOLOGY AND RELIGIOUS STUDIES SCIENCE OF ORIGIONS A term paper presented in partial fulfillment of the course science of origins, RELT389 Name: Velvety M. Ng’andu ID# 2011050042 Lecture: Pastor Sibanda Date:2014 WEAKNESSES OF THEORIES OF EVOLUTION INTRODUTION The Theories which are concerned with the origin of the universe are diverse and uncertain. Some researchers say the universe began as a ball of particles, others it exploded in a big bang, and others it emerged from one of several black holes, or be the design of a creator. Science, however, cannot contradict the idea of a divine origin for the early universe. (D.J.Taylor, N.P.O.Green, G.W, Stout, 2004) DISCUSSION One of the greatest…show more content…
Larmack assumed that there is a supreme originator of existence. He believed organisms moved from simple to more complex and that if the use or neglect of an organ would determine its development or disappearance in the body. He gave an example of giraffes that they have to stretch their necks in order to find food from tall trees and that the necks will continue to grow because of use. Another example he gave was that if one were to remove an eye from children, eventually children would be born with one eye. His theory was proved false by August Weissman a German evolutionist who made an experiment with mice where he cut off the tails of newly born mice. However, the mice continued to be born with tails. Scientific Theory of Evolution believes that living organisms undergo deterioration since their original creation. Some structures were actually degenerated and undeveloped. This is good evidence for physical degeneration and however the great majority of vestigial organs are necessary and functional parts of the human body. The thymus gland is a gland that surrounds an infant's heart at childbirth quickly shrinks as the child grows so much that it is difficult to find in an adult. The evolutionists have therefore proclaimed this as proof of the theory of evolution, since it has no use while as they don’t know that this is an indication that creation was made by God who has a master plan for everything he

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