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The story of Pocahontas was once one known by the movie. However, now Pocahontas is seen as more of an argument between historians, people of the times, and the Disney perspective. Historians prefer to argue that Pocahontas is a significantly inaccurate story due to the accounts from John Smith. In “Pocahontas: A woman, a movie, a myth?” there are three or more accounts of John Smith’s not in concurrence. Historians say Pocahontas – which is not even the girl’s real name – did not have an attraction to John Smith (Richter 306-307,312). It is shown that she married him more for peace between the Indians and English than she did for love. Admittedly, the Disney film does deserve some credit. They do succeed in taking a movie made for children…show more content…
Of course, this does not work because they cannot communicate, except for the magical reason Pocahontas and Smith can speak the same language in the movie. Leading into where the Disney film fails, it seems that the filmmakers were persuaded by examples of John Smith’s enchanting accounts. Nowadays, when placed side by side, these accounts clearly don’t go well together. Making serious world issues into animated movies can be positive and negative. It is positive because animated films can present the situation to younger and less educated audiences. Young kids watching Pocahontas can be presented with this information and build upon this later will the plethora of other opinions. On the other hand, Disneyifying a serious topic can be negative because of the confusion it causes and dumbing down it does. When using an issue such as the Natives and English conflict, Disney has to cover the brutal European mindset towards Indians. In Pocahontas, they show the colonist, Thomas, shoot the Indian but make it seem slightly accidental. In real life, this would have been a deliberate shot and more than likely probably happened over and over

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