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Browse is the tender shoots, twigs or leaves of trees or shrubs that are acceptable for grazing. Browse plants, beside grasses, constitute one of the cheapest sources of feed for ruminants. Browse plants provide vitamins and very frequently mineral elements, which are mostly lacking in grassland pastures. Moreover, browse species are indispensable sources of animal feed in the world, particularly in areas with dry to semidry climates. Such species can alleviate feed shortages or even fill feed gaps in the winter and especially in the spring, when grassland growth is limited or dormant due to unfavorable weather conditions. These include several spontaneous shrubs and trees, which are essential components of natural communities such as shrublands and woodlands. They cover…show more content…
Moose and deer are known as browsers. These animals consume a diet largely consisting of highly digestible forbs (broad-leaved weeds and legumes) and browse (leaves from woody plants). Grazers like bison and cows comprise of ruminants, which eat a great amounts of grasses for their nutrition. Goats and elk are intermediate feeders and are opportunistic feeders that will change the diet selectivity between browse and grasses depending to food availability and palatability. The ruminant animals have physical variations in some body aspects counting rumen construction, tongue, mouth and teeth to permit them to more efficiently develop their selected diet. For instance, deer has a minor pointed muzzle with a thin tongue to support in gaining a greatly selected diet of browse and forbs. Small ruminants, in addition, have a rumen constitution to enable a quickly assimilated diet and a bigger liver to process tannins that sometimes happen in browse plants. Cows, however, have a wide plane muzzle, flat teeth for crushing diets high in grass fiber, and a very great rumen to house the extra time required to course a slowly fermented

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