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There are a number of ways you can treat your skin - including facials, body wraps and body scrubs - making it feel and look healthier than before. More and more spas are adopting, investing in and inventing treatments to aid people in their journey to treating their skin better, as well as using and reviving age-old beauty treatments and traditions that were born a number of years ago – all in the name of health and beauty. The hammam is one of these age-old rituals and treatments. Also known as a Turkish hammam or Turkish bath, the hammam is the Middle Eastern version of a steam bath, which can also be seen as a wet comparative of the sauna (where visitors sit in a small room that is designed as a place to experience dry heat sessions) but there is a distinguished focus on water instead of steam. Hammams are a very important part of Moroccan culture and life, as public baths were – and still are – embedded into a…show more content…
The Moroccan Hammam steam room will take you on a journey that will benefit your body and your skin in more ways than one. Starting in the Moroccan Hammam steam room, the soothing steam cleans and cleanses your skin while eliminating any toxins and revitalizing and energizing your body. Next, on a warm marble table, your experience will continue as you receive a full exfoliation of the body that consists of using a traditional Moroccan glove (called “Kiss”) and black soap, which will nourish and regenerate your skin. There is the options to take part in just the Hammam Relaxation (where you are able to relax in the traditional Hammam), have a Traditional Hammam Scrub (where ou can enjoy the cleansing steam, an invigorating body wash and a scrub), or combine the two. Note: there are specific opening times as there are slots to accommodate women only, men only, and time slots where men and women are able to be in the hammam

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