Argumentative Essay About Refugees

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In recent issue, refugees’ rights have been heatedly argued and debated on the Internet and in the newspapers. The citizens have been questioning the status of refugees, it is either they are going to resettle or they are only migrants. There are some reasons why some countries would not take in refugees into their countries. First of all, they might think that the refugees will consume the already scarce amount of country’s resources. Kugel (2015) has found that a significant number of the Syrian refugees that United States has taken in are struggling under a lack of support, and rendering to the United States Senate, roughly 90% of Middle Eastern refugees depend on food stamps, and right around 70% get money welfare. This shows that the existence of refugees will add more expenses and burden the countries. Other than that, they also might think that assimilating new cultures brought upon by the refugees can be difficult. For example, the European countries are worried about the clash of cultures between locals and refugees. So they should make sure the refugees are well informed about the country’s norms. For example, Fox News World (2016) has study that men and women will greet each other by shaking hands and looking each other in the eyes. But refugees might want to stay true to…show more content…
For country like Lebanon, the government has stopped welcoming any displacement populations like asylum seekers and refugees. The reason Lebanon’s government did that action is because previously, they had already welcomed almost 100,000 refugees to Lebanon; as a result they can no longer afford to accommodate both domestic and foreign needs. Moreover, Lebanon is now, in war and economic

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