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GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES [TO WHAT EXTENT SHOULD COUNTRIES BE MORALLY OBLIGATED TO GIVE ASYLUM TO REFUGEES?] AMITH SARANYU D.S 10 IGCSE DECCAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL “ Turning back boats full of people seeking asylum in their hour of need is not fair.” - Councilor Linda Scott. RATIONALE I chose this topic because I read an article on the Internet stating that the refugee crisis worldwide has displaced 60 million people from their homes since the end of World War II pushing asylum to their limits. That article stated the threat countries are facing as they are fleeing from countries like Syria and Iraq to places like Central America and Africa to seek asylum. I want to research whether countries should be morally obligated to give asylum to refugees. I want to also find out what causes this problem, what effects and consequences this will have on the country. Finally I want to obtain a possible course of action to try to put an end to this problem. INTRODUCTION To start, it’s important to note that some people deny that we have moral obligations to needy non-citizens like refugees. For many, the state’s obligations are…show more content…
I believe that most of the refugees who are seeking asylum will most likely be forced into repatriation as the number of refugees seeking asylum is increasing at an alarming rate. The country will then have to think about the well being of its own citizens later on and then they will not be able to provide hospitality for the refugees. These countries include Pakistan and Iran where refugees are currently seeking asylum. Refugees denied asylum status, for example, are simply left to fend for themselves, while the existence of economic immigrants is strategically ignored. Because illegal immigrants are not disrupting life society prefers to ignore immigrants’ hardships and pretend there is no

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