Refugees Australia Essay

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Dan Park ID: 211305665 AIP209. For this scenario, I shall name the minister Mrs. Smith. Dear Mrs. Smith I have gathered a short overview in response to your enquiry regarding Australia’s obligations, to the estimated 25,000 displaced Rohingya asylum seekers, within context of the 1951 Refugee Convention (ABC News, 2015) Its chief principal factor is that it defines a specific set of individuals as ‘refugees’ and obliges nations who have signed the agreement, such as Australia, to give such persons assured civil liberties and are subject to Non-refoulement (Zimmermann, 2010) .The Rohingya Muslims, fulfill the definition of ‘refugees’ in the clause, as individuals outside of their own nation who fear oppression due to their race, ethnic group,…show more content…
The convention does not force us to seek, retrieve and accommodate Rohingyans to Australia (Sheeran and Rodley, 2013) .This indicates that we hold no obligation to house Rohingyans from refugee camps overseas, in areas such as Indonesia or Timor. Despite the moral reasons to do so, our government is only legally compelled Rohingyans who enter our zone of control through either aircraft or ship. Furthermore, the 1951 resolution provides a variety of human rights to Rohingyans entering Australia. Especially,in grey areas such as the interception of their boat in the Ocean near Australia. Rohingyans whom are intercepted on route to Australia in a foreign zone of control such as Indonesia, are not subject to compulsory accommodation in Australia. However, as outlined in Article 33 of the 1951 convention, Rohingyans in boats near Australian borders, on our borders within our jurisdiction, are ensured the right not deported back to their place of oppression (Zimmermann, 2010). Additionally, Rohingyans who arrive to our ‘jurisdiction’ are exempt from reprimand in relation to the manner in which they have journeyed to Australia. The minute Rohingyans are given residential rights, they gain further civil rights, including the right not to be ousted from Australia (Stenberg,
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