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“Urgh, my mum is so annoying, she keeps nagging at me to sleep earlier”, More often than not, I would hear my friends complain. I open my mouth, about to explain to them how they should not take their parents’ concern for granted, yet close it again. After all, why would they listen to me. Time and again, we would take our parents’ for granted, as after all, they have been with us since we were born, and we often assume that they would be there with us forever. I admit, I was once like that. Months before PSLE, I started developing irritations under both of my eyelids. They were not those typical ones that could be subdued once eyedrop was applied, but instead felt like lumps that hurt whenever I blinked. As it was not very noticeable, I decided to keep it to myself and hope it would go away by itself. However, the irritations were only getting worst, and my parents were starting to take notice. Alarmed, they brought me to several doctors but none seemed to be able to cure those lumps. Admittedly, the stress from the…show more content…
But more often than not, few of us would take it to heart, as after all our parents have been with us all our lives, and we expect them to forever be by our side, taking them for granted. I was no exception. Many times, us children focus on ourselves, never once focusing on how our parents felt. Ironically enough, it is the complete opposite for our parents. It is our parents who would do anything for our happiness, who put our wants and needs above their own, yet never once complaining. It is them who have always encouraged and supported us, never giving up on us. They may not vocalise their love for us, but it is through all these silent sacrifices that really spotlit their love for us. Their selflessness has allowed us to become what we are today, and us children need to realise that without our parents’ unconditional love and support, we would be

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