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Bleeding During Pregnancy- Types & Causes Seeing blood down there is definitely a scary experience for an expecting woman, as bleeding during pregnancy is considered as a sign for something being wrong. However, the good news is that blood loss while expecting is not a definitive indication of a mishap. To begin with, a pregnant woman can experience two types of bleeding- vaginal bleeding and spotting. While the latter is commonly experienced by pregnant women, former isn’t so common. What Is The Difference Between Spotting And Vaginal Bleeding? Technically speaking, spotting is pinkish brown in color, same as the blood experienced when the period is about to end. Moreover, like the name suggests, spotting is very infrequent and light in flow. On the other hand, vaginal bleeding is bright red in color and heavy enough to…show more content…
Approaching labor As the labor approaches closer, you will lose your mucus plug, which is indicative of a dilating cervix or an early labor. If this takes place when you’re already into the 37th week of pregnancy, it shouldn’t be a problem. However, you must consult your doctor if the blood loss is heavy. What Are The Causes Of Vaginal Bleeding During Pregnancy? Unlike spotting, vaginal bleeding during pregnancy is not an ignorable sign as it can be indicative of a host of complications. Therefore, you must seek medical intervention to successfully analyse the cause and begin the treatment. Following are some possible reasons for vaginal bleeding during pregnancy: First Trimester Causes 1. Molar Pregnancy Molar pregnancy refers to an uncommon condition that occurs when the tissue that generally develops into a fetus, rather forms into an abnormal growth in the placenta. It is deceptive in the sense that it prompts the symptoms of pregnancy. Even though molar pregnancy isn’t threatening, it must be treated at the earliest. It can take place a few days or weeks post conceiving and bleeding occurs as the tissue is removed. 2. Ectopic

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