Derrick Bell's Protest In Goin To Chicago

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Protest can take many different forms: expression, conversation, reflection, removing oneself from a situation, and the form most often illustrated, fighting. All forms, however, have the same goal of rebellion. As Derrick Bell states, protestors undermine the “…assumptions that things are either as they are supposed to be or as they must be” (page 8). All protestors engage in confronting an authority, whether it is a system, a certain ideal, a person, a group of people, etc. They all fight against some power, even if they are not participating in an explicit uprising. The persons featured in Goin’ To Chicago rebelled against the institutionalized racism in the south through not supporting its economy anymore by migrating to the north and then creating their own communities in an unwelcome north, Grace Lee Boggs confronted authority through creating an open platform for others to converse, express and reflect, and Derrick Bell protested against a bigoted and unlawfully undiversified Harvard law faculty by taking a…show more content…
Although Bell’s protest was in the form of removing himself from the institution, at first, though he was no longer a paid faculty member, he taught a course to eager students for no credit, “met with students, reviewed their papers, and even attended faculty meetings” (page 69). During his first year of leave he had an avid presence on campus, which extended into his second year through the multiple letters he sent other Harvard professors and administrators. When, upon his expulsion, he ultimately decided to remove himself from the institution entirely, he remained protesting, which continued throughout the writing and publication of his book. The variable that remained constant throughout the different forms of protest he took on was his ability to encourage others to either get involved with the specific injustice of nonracially inclusive universities, or confront some authority in their

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