Reflection On Special Education Children

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With the help of this study, I have been able to obtain wide range of information related to discriminatory attitude of society towards special education children. At the time of conducting research, I have considered different studies on the same topic for obtaining increased amount of information related to the topic. Moreover, I have also focused on collecting some of the information on my own that is by conducting survey from the public or by observation. Based on my observation and the survey, which I have conducted, I have noticed that discrimination is prominent with the disabled children. They are not provided equal opportunities of growth and development due to which they have to suffer widely. In addition to this, I have also observed that the relationship of special educational need children with their peers is not good. They are not treated well because of the influence of society, as they are not allowed by their parents to interact much with them.…show more content…
By collecting data on my own, I was able to understand and interpret many different things related to special educational needs children. My perspective towards these children also changed a lot just because of my extensive research. Moreover, my writing skills also improved because I got idea about what to write and how to write so that the aim and objectives of my study is achieved. In addition to this, according to me, my performance towards the study was very dedicated because I tried to cover all the important aspects and supported it through my own research and

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