Reflection On Culture And Leadership

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LSH2113 Foundations of Leadership Final Reflection Course Topics 1. Which topic was most interesting to you and why? Answer: I found the topic “Culture and Leadership” the most interesting one because this is a very rarely dicussed aspect of leadership. We all tend to have a notion that our culture is more natural than others, which is called ethnocentricity. This though process is so natural that we end up having prejudices about people belonging to different cultures. This prejudice, as we learn from the topic culture and leadership, is the biggest barrier to the effective cross cultural communication. This topic adds a new dimension to the criteria of being a good leader, which is being global. One's leadership should not be subjected to his…show more content…
 I will try to treat all the employees equally. There will be no discrimination on cultural basis.  I will take a lot of ideas from the topic “Authentic leadership” as a person who is not genuine from within cannot have firm conviction in his ideas.  I would implement company’s policies strictly.  I would use the skills of integrity to bind all the office staffs into a single group.  As I have learned here, I will compliment the employees and praise their good work.  I will empower those people in my office whom I will find to be distinctly beneficial for the office. I will judge them on their decision making skills and knowledge.  In any crunch situation, I will not deviate from my values as it does not leave a good impression on the group members.  I will try to adapt in different situation that might arise in my office.(contingency theory)  I will motivate my employees to bring out their best. 9. Do you think you would like to become a leader? Would you be a good leader? Why or

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