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An artist’s treasure With the auction Howard Hodgkin: Portrait of the Artist, Sotheby’s not only unveils the private collection of the late painter and collector Howard Hodgkin, but it also reveals how these masterpieces influenced his creations If the past half century has seen an artist whose work embodies the sheer pleasure of being alive, then that artist would be the late Howard Hodgkin. Through his works, which were misinterpreted as abstract, he created a unique pictorial language for places and people he interacted with. Each one reflecting his signature hand of vibrant colour. And while the artist’s eye for the exceptional reverberates through his paintings, it also lent itself to identifying extraordinary works of art in the most unexpected places. While he is renowned for epic collections that have been honed for over…show more content…
Casting a new light on his aesthetic sensibilities, the voraciously acquired works not only reflected his passions, influences and interests, but also nourished his own paintings. But apart from the two paintings—Bedroom (estimated between £250,000 and £350,000) and Travelling (estimated between £150,000 and £250,000)—from his debut show at ICA in 1962, Hodgkin did not keep his own work. Instead, he fed his unquenchable thirst for different types of art by starting a private collection that would surround him with objects that inspired him. His approach to acquiring these objects was democratic, instinctive and even

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