Personal Reflection Of Brand Nissan (My Views)

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Individual reflection report About Nissan (My Views) As we know that Nissan was the second largest Automobile Company in Japan and was successfully competing in the automobile Industry through decades, but in year 1999 they reached at a critical position with severe losses a debt. Brand Nissan was losing its value and and badly required a turnover to survive the company. So to overcome the situation Nissan got an opportunity to get in an alliance with Renault, which turn Mr. Carlos Ghosn in picture as the first foreigner CEO in Nissan history. From this prospective I learnt that if there is a challenge with lots of difficulties we should always take it as an opportunity and what the same did by Mr. Ghosn by taking the challenge to overcome Nissan from a very difficult situation. So the task in the hand for Mr. Ghosn was not easy but he came to Japan with a vital revival plan with the hopes to get success. And the plan was “Only Five Percent Strategy, rest is Execution” and he executed the things very well which are in front of the World. After three years of aggressively restructuring, Nissan showed impressive growth and profitability. What I learn is, before going in any situation or dealing with a challenge it…show more content…
The Japanese are so organized and know how to make the best of the things said by Mr. Ghosn which illustrates how the cultures actually became a helper and great advantage in the implementation of the new strategy. The disadvantages of the culture in Nissan was Transparency and communication, can also be seen as a reason for why the employees embarrassed the new system as they did. So Ghosn bring the new structure of knowing knowledge and information so they can understand the company and its process. Now the employees got a chance to actively be engaged in the company, which they probably never experienced in the

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