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Identity is a word that, to me, has affected me incredibly deeply since I first learned its meaning. In the years that I’ve grown and adapted into different, better (sometimes, worse) versions of myself, my identity has changed with me. In a world of molds that I feel subjected to fit into perfectly, identity is something of my own that I can bend at my own will to make me feel as though I belong. My attraction to the concept of identity stems from my childhood, as most things do. Being the oldest with a sister only two years my junior, we often found ourselves watching shows like Hannah Montana and High School Musical together. While these two shows are absolutely pure in nature, the sureness of each character on their role in everyone else’s lives and their rigidity to actual character development expressed to me that that was the reality of life. Their identity was not so much one they gave to themselves, but what other people assumed they were. People never changed, and their identities were something predetermined, given to them on the basis of who they hung out with. I took this interpretation to heart, and, when I moved schools and was finally able to make friends, I took it upon myself to join what can only be described as a…show more content…
My identity cannot be defined in one word, or a black-and-white explanation of the concept written in a book no one uses anymore. It surpasses all other interpretations of the word because it is unique to me and composed completely of other words and concepts important to me. I can allow myself to be a band nerd, a reformed elementary school bully, and a friend all at the same time. I can be a bookworm, an activist, a scientist, and a Charger all because of identity. I suppose it must be the only word in the English language that can mean infinitely much while only being nine letters long. Hence, identity is my favorite

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