Persuasive Essay On Police Brutality

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In the United States there has been a lot of cases of police brutality, but most of them seem to be because of the same reason, race. Discrimination is a big factor of police brutality in the US, just this march there was a case in Los Angeles, California, involving an afro American. The name of the victim is Rodney king, Rodney was involved in a high speed car chase, the police eventually stopped him and ordered him to get out of the vehicle, after he came out he seemed to have taken a step forward, which the officer took to as a threat and shot Rodney with two darts from his taser gun, which exceeded 50,000 volts, for some reason what is normally enough to subdue any subject was not enough to stop Rodney, after two minutes of the first shot the police officer shot yet again at Rodney, but this time it didn’t end there, he was also kicked six times. He didn’t just suffer many broken teeth and bones, but also there was emotional, mental and physical damage done to the poor Rodney. Many minority citizens are victims of police brutality every day, it is a very…show more content…
Police brutality is a situation that happens everyday and doesn’t seem to get the attention it deserves, thousands have died, yet there has been nothing done to get the cops where they deserve to be. Its because of the amount of privileges the police get from the government that they think they can do anything they want, and unfortunately in most cases they have been proven right. The government has to do something about this situation, if there is nothing done soon, what is to say what the cops will be able to get away with in twenty years. The law is for everyone, especially the law enforcers, if they don’t follow the law, why should others? It wont take long for criminals to realize that being a cop is the best way to get away with some horrible things without

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