Reasons Why Children Lie Research Paper

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As small children we lie about little things like coloring on the wall or if we ate a cookie before dinner, but as we become older our use of lying becomes more frequent. Kids are not born with a moral code. It is something they have to figure out. In a society where lying is second nature, it is hard to understand why our generation does it. According to the real simple website, “lying may be the most common underage offense”. The three main causes why children lie include the need to be socially accepted, to impress other people, and a fear of consequences of the truth. One of biggest reasons children lie to be socially accepted, is based on how they view them self. If a person does not accept them self, it makes it harder for others to accept and appreciate them. According to Do Something: “7 in 10 girls believe they are not good enough or do not measure up in some ways including their looks, performance in school and relationships.” Children are suffering with self-image especially in this technological age where the perfect girl/guy is set to nearly…show more content…
These lies are told to gain a certain persona, to achieve respect, and to feel empowered. There is also a flip side to this. Many times when your friends know the truth, they will treat you differently. It can be embarrassing and the feeling of rejection can cause them to lie. For example, a child might be moving around from one foster family to the next. This disruption for the child can creates a psychological effect on the child and therefore will not allow themselves to be honest especially when they have to listen to their peers talking about their loving home and nuclear family. Everyone always wants to fit in with the crowd so they lie about things that make them inclusive. A lie I hear so often that fits this description perfectly is ‘I have that

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