Amara Diya Diary Entry

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July 21, 1797. Today my older brother took care of me while my parents went out to work. I played with my friends all afternoon and ate a delicious meal. It has gotten dark out and my parents have not come home. Hours have past, yet there was still no sign of them. My brother told me to stay at home and keep the door locked. About half an hour later, I heard a scream from afar. My brother was in trouble, so I left my home. July 22, 1797. Its night time, and I am frightened. I do not see my mother, or my father, or my brother! I am chained to a bunch of strangers. July 24, 1797. When I was entering the ship “… [I] saw… a multitude of black people of every description chained together…” (Equiano, p. 2). Thankfully, I was at least placed near…show more content…
I finally learned what my soul purpose was to be shipped out here for and I have happy that my mother was able to escape this nightmare. Did I mention I have a new name? My name isn’t Amara Diya anymore. I have been dehumanized and renamed to something that was less than dirt, a slave. February 23, 1798. It has been a while, since I have written in my diary. I have had absolutely no free time to write because I have been too busy working on the tobacco plantation. I worked long shifts every day with no break. My master is a horrible man, he would beat his workers and take advantage of the women while they are sleeping. Unfortunately, I was not aware of this till last night. July 21, 1798. It has been a year, since I was kidnapped from Kongo, Africa. I am just fifteen years old and I have already went through so much and grown so much. I have made a few friends in the plantation and we all took care of each other like family. About a month ago I did not know who God was, but now I have so much faith in him. It was nice to be known as a good Christian woman other than a slave. God made me feel less alone and helped me overcome obstacles throughout the day. My companions and I always sang about him while working, it helped bring our spirits

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