The Influence Of Blues Music On African American Culture

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Blues music is unique because it’s wrapped around all of the African American history in the United States. The blues music has a huge impact on the African American lifestyle because of the specific music form and the feeling behind all of it. African Americans relate to Blues music because the artists write their lyrics in order to tell the truth about all of life’s journeys, the good and the bad. With the feeling the Blues music brings to the audience, the “most common response is the gut feeling” (Titon, 118) you get when listening to the music because of the fact that it hit’s home to a lot of people since they have been through similar problems. There are three major genres of popular music in the United States that has been directly influenced by Blues music, and those are British/ American Rock,…show more content…
Although American rock has been impacted by the Blues, British rock has had “the most crucial impact, especially in the 1960s” (Titon, 134). One major performer is the British rock band the Rolling Stones who’s first couples of albums had covers of Chicago Blue’s music and has influenced the rest of their later music. As of today, the Rolling Stones music has definitely been influenced by Blues music and everyone who listens to both side by side, can see that. Jazz music is the second genre that has been directly influenced by Blues music. With Jazz, Blues has and always will be an important form and because of that the audience gets the feelings of Blues music and the fun of Jazz at the same time. According to the text, Blues musicians “Jimmy Rushing with Count Basie’s orchestra bridged the lines of both Jazz and Blues” (Titon, 134) in the 1930s and later. When Rushing combined with the orchestra, the whole world of Jazz changed into a deeper feeling genre and today you mostly see Jazz and Blues working
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