Comparing Antoine And Stanislavski's Approach

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In this essay, I am going to critically summarise the main theoretical and practical ideas and perspectives that inform Andre Antoine and Konstantin Stanislavski’s approach to directing. I will examine their employment of the visual picture, the rehearsal process and it activities and finally by examining how they approach character. Stanislavski was born in 1863. He dedicated his life to bring a new meaning to acting and show that it was not as simple as people may have thought. Stanislavski was a co-founder of the Moscow Art Theatre. Similarly, Andre Antoine is the pioneer of a more naturalistic approach to theatre. He was the initiator of the Theatre Libre in Paris where “he sought to create settings that would faithfully reflect every aspect of real life.” Actor and Director, Konstantin Stanislavski, was a major influence on theatre. He was passionate about presenting theatre in a way that was naturalistic with a focus on being as realistic as possible: ...the object of Stanislavsky's study was…show more content…
The rehearsal were structured in a way to include various introduction activities to examine the entire physical, emotion and psychological being for the character to help create aligned between the actor and the character that they are playing. In addition to this, the actors were encouraged to chart their development during the process. The rehearsal process is a journey for both the director and actor; this approach helps to create a more naturalistic and complete story for the audience that I will examine later when we consider Stanislavski’s approach to building a character. The rehearsal process for Stanislavski is where he would share his interpretation of the play; this system contributes to how the audience saw the visual picture from scenic design to how the actors portray their characters. However, there was some criticism to Stanislavski’s

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