Vintage Style Gardens Essay

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Vintage-style gardens are a charming blend of old, time-worn piece of furniture, blossoming flowers, décor items, and throw pillows in soft, pastel colors. Actually, if you love this style, it is not that difficult to create an enchanting hideaway where to relax in privacy or entertain with family and friends. Unleash your creativity, do some planning, gather everything that reminds you of your childhood, add lovely garage sales and thrift shops finds, arrange all pieces, and voilà – you have your own vintage garden. Generally, everything that looks old enough can do the job, from rusty wrought iron chairs to reclaimed armchairs to stepladders to containers and rustic gardening tools to textiles. As vintage gardens are everything but formal and ordinary,…show more content…
Whether wrought iron, reclaimed chairs and benches, pallet furniture, swings, hammocks, everything can do the job. And the older, the better. However, rusty metal/and especially wrought iron/ furniture is a common, favorite choice. In the picture above, a charming garden spot. An ornate wrought iron seating option creates a vintage vibe. Pillows in pastel colors add coziness and comfort. Blooming flowers in beautiful containers add extra color and scent. If you need a secret spot where to spend time in privacy and relieve stress, because of their unquestionable charm, vintage-style gardens make enchanting hideaways. Trellis screens with climbing vines, hedging, tall trees, and large planters with tall greenery can help create such fascinating garden retreats. Note that garden structures with a vintage look, such as gazebos, pergolas, sheds, and trellises can add functionality, height, and architectural interest and enhance any outdoor space. If tough on budget, DIY pallet furniture is always an option to

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