How To Be Different In High School Essay

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Being different wasn’t always difficult for me until high school of course. I was homeschooled most of my life until I reached high school.In the ninth grade I was moved to a school far from my hometown Bakersfield called Blackwood High. It was different. People would always talk about their “abilities” whatever those were. During my first day of school it was peculiar. Most kids stared at me in amazement while I walked down the halls to my first period class. All the kids in my class were not weird at all. In fact, I made a friend called Tracy. During first period, 2 kids that sat behind us called her an unordinary. I asked why they called her that. She just stared at me and said “ you don’t know?!” I was a bit confused at the time because…show more content…
It was stupid, everything is stupid, everyone was stupid. So walking down the hall I saw Tracy then quickly pulled her aside and told her to meet me at the front of the school library at 5:00pm because I had thought of a plan. My plan was to break into the library when it closes, then break into the principal’s personal library to find out if she had stuff in there about why they set that rule. So at 5:00 I met her at the library just as I had planned I brought my emptied out backpack to store the books we would find and I brought a few granola bars, just in case we got hungry. So we snuck around the back and jumped the fence. Then inside the library there were cameras I was aware of that so I took Tracy’s water bottle and splashed the cameras with it. Then we reach the other side of the room where there is a locked door which says staff room but everybody knows it’s the principal’s library. So I use Tracy’s bobby pin and with luck from my experience with (my birthday present) a spy kit that I got when I was about ten we were able to get in. There were no cameras. But there was a huge desk with a bunch of paper on it. So I told Tracy to look through the books and I would look through the
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