Rhetorical Analysis Of Dr. King

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I. Thesis: Effectively utilizing the rhetorical appeals of ethos, logos, and pathos, Dr. King authenticate the importance of Civil Right Movement. II. Topic Sentence: Dr. King uses ethos appeal to exhibit his credibility as a religious leader. A. By using polite and differential tone in his letter, Dr. King clearly shows the purpose of his letter is not to attack but rather convince the reader to the Movement as a moral and credible religious leader. B. For example, Dr. King states, “I feel that you are men of genuine good will and that your criticisms are sincerely set forth” (King 1). C. Through this opening statement we can see how Dr. King utilizes a conciliatory approach to the clergyman. Beginning the statement with the word I feel, King approach the clergyman open- hearted. By addressing them as men of genuine good will, he approaches the targeted audience using complementary language as an attempt to open their mind to his response to their criticism. He acknowledges the criticism of the clergyman as men who support positive changes as a respected member of the society. But through this statement rather than weakening his argument it rather strengthened it by characterizing men who are sincere and have good intention to listen to what he wants to say. D.…show more content…
Dr. King, by using a respectful tone was able to provide an important dichotomy between himself and white southern racists to those originally neutral to the Civil Right Movement. By employing this tone before writing his response to the argument, King tries to instill the sense of sincerity bring forth by him. E. In addition, Dr. King uses his family history within the church and knowledge of both God, and the church to appeal to the higher

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