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Ralph Ellison: A Phenomenal Writer Ralph Ellison was an author whose life and personal experiences had inspired him to write; he won prizes, set standards, and influenced people of all ages with his work. Writing didn't come easily to Ellison because he experienced many struggles before he wrote his first book. Ellison received good and bad criticism throughout his career for his various works. Ralph Ellison’s life, early works and criticism all take part in what kind of author we know him to be (Thesis). Ralph Ellison was born March 1, 1914 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Ellison’s parents named him Ralph Waldo Ellison after American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson. This proves his parents were committed to literacy and education (Werner…show more content…
Invisible Man quickly gained national recognition as a great novel of African American literature publication in 1952 (Lee). In addition, Invisible man is about African American experience the novel overall appears to black and white readers because of the innocence and the experience. On the flip side, some critics feel as the novel is very stereotypical coming from a black man (Wang). Significantly, Ellison developed the ocular symbol of blindness/ sight, darkness/ light when the main character’s invisibility throughout the novel is explained. (Brucker and Wray). As a result, the structure of Invisible Man has directional patterns. Ellison emphasizes the symbols throughout the novel which makes the story stand out from others in the eyes of the critics (Werner and Mabel). On the other hand, Ellison’s second novel Juneteenth was a great novel but never lived up to Invisible Man’s standards, but it did include more depth of the absurdities of racial politics (Williams). Also, it is said that Juneteenth is more John Callahan's work, Ellison’s literary executor rather than Ellison’s work himself. John Callahan published what he believed was Ellison’s intentions before he passed away (Williams). Ralph Ellison’s work had a tremendous impact on the nation as a whole and even though there are negative and positive responses to them everyone is able to get at least one lesson out of his work

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