Rappers Bad Influence

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All children need role models, whether it’s a parent, artist, or a rapper, kids will have role models who they will look up to. Kids will try to follow in the footsteps of their heroes and attempt to live the lives of their role models, in hopes of becoming like them, which usually can be a good thing, however, it can also be harmful if they look up to someone that’s a bad influence. Rappers are artists that have incredible influence and the ability to voice their opinions to potentially thousands, if not millions of people, including children. Rap music has a negative impact on the behavior of our youth. Rap music’s vulgar and sexual lyrics portray a negative and unrealistic illusion to children. Before rap, music did not contain nearly as much explicit images or videos. It did not send bad messages to kids either. Children, especially those who are easily influenced, should not be listening to rap music, which is “Meant for adults.” “The material is kept- requiring it, for instance, to be…show more content…
Rappers are misusing their ability to voice their opinions and positively influence the youth. “Public behavior of young Americans is influenced directly and in the most negative way by experiencing this repertory of song” (Michael J. Budds 6). Rap music is causing the violent behavior in today’s children with vulgar lyrics and the misperception of how to ascertain this lavish-lifestyle. “Relevance of an artist, or any trend within the culture, is generally controlled by the general consensus of those who are a part of the culture” (Emdin 9) .These “Role models” that produce this rap music are the reason for the increase in violent behavior in many of the children of today. This is because rappers constantly use vulgar lyrics in songs, send bad messages to children, and show sexually inappropriate images that should be neither heard nor

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