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Elizabeth Cady Stanton Elizabeth Stanton was one of the first leaders of the women’s rights movement in the mid-1800s. Elizabeth also became a successful author during her life time. She worked alongside Susan B. Anthony, and was the president of the National Woman Suffrage Association for 20 years. Elizabeth was active in the movement until her death in 1902. Elizabeth lived to be 87 years old, and remained in New York for the majority of her life. Elizabeth was born on November 12, 1815, in Johnstown, New York, to Daniel Cady and Margaret Livingston Cady. “The daughter of a lawyer who made no secret of his preference for another son, she early showed her desire to excel in intellectual and other ‘male’ spheres” (Grimm, par. 2). With a lawyer…show more content…
Anthony in 1851, and the two quickly began collaboration on speeches, articles, and books. Cady Stanton's intellectual and organizational partnership with Anthony dominated the woman’s movement for over half a century” (Adiletta, par. 4) Elizabeth had the famous Seneca Falls Convention in July 1848, with Lucretia Mott and several other women. At the Seneca Falls Convention the “Declaration of Sentiments” was written, a document which suggested that women should be granted the right to vote. In the same year of the convention, Elizabeth sent around a petition around New York to urge the New York Congress to pass the New York Married Women’s Property Act. During the Civil War, Elizabeth lost focus on women equality and concentrated her attention to abolishing slavery. Once the war was over, she pushed even harder for the equality of women, and was able to travel more as she became one of the best-known women in the country. Elizabeth worked with Susan B. Anthony on an aggressive weekly paper, Revolution, throughout 1868. Then in 1869 she helped to form the National Woman Suffrage Association (NWSA). Elizabeth was the president of the NWSA for 21 years. Once the NWSA merged with another group, she became president of that organization for two

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