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Introduction Dorothy Bryant is the daughter of immigrants from northern Italy. She attended public schools in the Mission District, then San Francisco State University. She completed a Bachelor of Arts in music in 1950, and then a Master of Arts in creative writing in 1964. From 1953 to 1976, Bryant taught music and English in Bay Area high schools and colleges, where she spent most of her time at Contra Costa College. Bryant began writing fiction and articles in 1960, and then moved to Berkeley in 1964. Dorothy Bryant has written several feminist books, like Ella Price’s Journal, such as: Miss Giardino, Confessions of Madame Psyche, and Killing Wonder. Summary Ella Price’s Journal is a novel that reveals a series of entries in a journal of a suburban housewife, Ella Price, who’s attending college for the first time, at the age of thirty-five. Ella’s budding awareness begins to shake the foundations of her life, and she soon comes to the realization that she’s permanently changed—and to be true to herself, she must make painful life altering choices. Ella starts the book out with her professor’s instructions on how she must write daily in a journal for their first…show more content…
I would recommend this book to anybody that likes reading about the 60’s and 70’s time frame, where it talks more about how the women were affected. It would even apply to those that like romance or ones that prefer several plot twists. Bryant does a very good job on making it easy to read and understandable, while at the same time, provoking detailed thoughts on some of the things in the book. I learned how back in the book’s setting, how women were treated and how in many cases men allowed “their wives to drink, gossip be overly child-centered, but men cannot tolerate it when their women “start thinking” (107). And I think that’s exactly what Bryant is trying to get across in this

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