Hip Hop Music Censors

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Should rap and hip-hop music be censored for listeners. Are certain lyrics offensive to certain people and ears. Many critics and regular ordinary people that some of our hip-hop and rap artist have offended many people ears with their demeaning lyrics. The question stands, What should be done about that. Rappers and Hip-hop artist believe they should have a way to put bad language and nasty characterizations in music without any punishment while detractors believe that their music should be censored for the respect of others. Certain word are not appropriate to you use in music and they are very biased\. Rappers lyrics towards women should be censored. Characterizing women is not part of free speech.Some people are getting fed up with the criticizing comments made by rappers in their music. Rappers use very harsh words and language when rapping or making a hit songs. Rappers are using very harsh words loosely and openly with no punishments.The entrance intolerance to racially offensive commentary closed in pretty…show more content…
Being an artist means expressing oneself in a way that they feel is the best way to express how one feels. Does this mean that sometimes expressing yourself can go a little bit too far or be a little bit too extreme when it comes to music ? Music has always been the same it’s just that now rappers and other artist do a little extra for more attention. Pushing the boundaries of expressing and fulfilling true artistic potential has always been a factor in the music industry. Rappers feel that the more explicit and raunchy they are the more fans and promotion they will get which is kinda true. Rappers have always felt the need to take things to the next level to expand their fan base and get more respect in the music industry. “Music hasn’t changed since the days when the Beatles shocked the world. What has changed is that popular music lyrics have become much more explicit. (" Inappropriate Content in
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