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Willie Haymer Ms. Rodgers English 4 23 February 2018 History of Rap Music America has come a long way regarding its musical styles, we have had some great musical artist’s; all of different types and styles and the music industry continue to grow. There is Blues, Country, Gospel, Jazz, Rock, R&B, Soul, Hip Hop/Rap and more. When we look into the history of America’s musical genres we will discover hip hop/rap. Hip Hop/Rap was a music filled with fun, rhythm and rhyme, with a little Jamaican twist. Hip Hop/Rap music is one of America’s most popular music styles of our time. However, there is some controversy concerning the violent influence Rap Music has on our community and in our society. There are those who think rap music is not harmful…show more content…
The lyrics propel the listener and the listener act or react to it. Our young women being one of its targets, and even they sometimes enjoy it, ignorantly. The horrible language, the use of intoxicating drink and drug use is poisoning the minds of the younger generation. Rap music has great effects concerning dress-style and attitudes. The young people and some older ones are consumed with the vulgarity of the lyrics. This sends an “I don’t care message,” and most teens, it seems, have adopted the same attitude. These are the influences Rap music, places in the mind of its listeners. Much violence is portrayed in most lyrics, rapper’s music, encouraging its listeners to commit crimes in their community and in society. Congress found it necessary to meet and criticize rap artists and entertainers for exploiting violence and sex for financial gain. It is believed that marketers may not be driven enough to protect minors from hearing such graphic…show more content…
Rush, a former Black Panther, said the violence and degradation have reduced too many of our youngsters to automatons, those who don’t recognize life, those who don’t value life. In essence, young people are robots without a conscience, thanks to the influence of rap lyrics. Contrary to Mr. Rush’s opposition of the explicit lyrics in rap music, Edgar Bronfman, Jr., Chairman of Warner music group, said tasteless language is “in the eye of the beholder” Although efforts are made to restrict access of such lyrics in rap music to young listeners, the magnetic pull of the lyrics still has youngsters seeking out the music online. Don Imus, fired by CBS for his offensive comment about certain women, provoked a discussion about the violent language in songs/videos. Derogatory statements about females are primarily recorded be black men, but that kind of music is defended by a panel of white executives. David Banner (real name Levell Crump) of Mississippi said, ‘rap music has been unfairly singled out as blame for deep social issues in our society”. He added, “Hip-hop is sick, but America is sick. Master P (real name Percy Miller), a rap mogul, admitted that rap artists needed to consider how some fans might be affected by their music. He Added,” we are inflaming this problem by not being responsible.”

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