Ralph And Jack's Leadership In Lord Of The Flies

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The novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, its a story about a plane full of british boys who are trying to escape the civil war, but unfortunately it gets shot down to an island. The pilots disappear, so its only the young boys from ages 6-12 by themselves, without adult supervision and no one to help them. They need to hunt in order to have something to eat, build their own huts made of rocks and leaves for them to sleep on, make their own toilet, and do whatever they can to live. Ralph and Jack, two of the oldest boys of the group, want to be the boy’s leader, they’re on a constant battle between themselves to see who will lead the group better, and by that, they end up being enemies, many fights and two deaths occur. In the novel,…show more content…
I could relate to him feeling sad and angry after that, because its really bad when you want something a lot, but people don’t believe you’re capable of doing and they don’t choose you. He was very inspiring to me, because even after the boys had chosen Ralph to be their leader, by the end of the book, Jack showed that he was also capable of being a good leader, and when the boys had to choose between Jack and Ralph for the second time, they chose Jack. I could also relate to Ralph feeling’s when he wanted the boys to help him build the huts and the fire signal, but they would just play around. The fire signal, was the only way they could catch someone’s attention to the island in order to rescue them, but Ralph seemed to be the only one that knew that, the only one who cared. It’s just like when you’re doing a group project, but none of the other people will help you with the work, you start to get desperate, nervous and really…show more content…
savagery, loss of innocence and human nature. Civilization vs. savagery is one of the biggest problem throughout the novel, they are british boys and in the time, they’re expected to be civilized, but by the end of the book they all become very cruel. Ralph represents civilization and order, and Jack represents savagery, they become enemies, and that’s when loss of innocence appear. They forget they want to get rescued and get out of the island alive, and just fight, they want to be the leader of the boys, but end up leaving the situation worse, as two deaths occur because of hate and envy. Human nature is also a very important thematic idea to the novel, the “beast” they think that lives on the island, its represented as the Lord of the Flies, which is actually their consciousness, the author makes it clear that the “beast” lives in their

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