Ralph And Jack's Leadership In Lord Of The Flies

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Leadership means different things to different people around the world, and different things in different situations. In a group, people tend to look for the strongest person to follow. For example: Oliver Queen from the show Arrow, people tend to follow him because of his characteristics traits. He’s strong, he offers protection to Starling city against criminals and shows the qualities of leadership such as the ability of leading the group, the ability to delegate and show confidence in what he is doing. Nevertheless, the strongest person may not be the best choice. In Lord of The Flies, it is apparent that Jack and Ralph each have qualities that befit a leader, despite how differently they see things. William Golding demonstrates how, though Ralph and Jack are very different types of leaders, Ralph is more efficient in the role. He does this by portraying Ralph as more logical, compassionate, and a person who takes his position seriously. Ralph is a more effective leader than Jack because of his logical mind. Ralph’s leadership qualities are revealed in the way he treated the kids. He knows that in order to stay civilized, the boys need stability and order. To achieve this order, he creates tons of rules ‘We’ll have rules!’ He cried…show more content…
Throughout the whole novel, Jack and the other boys regard the situation as a joke, as a game. “I’m not going to play any longer. Not with you” (Golding 140). Golding portrays him as selfish and infantile, wanting to hunt and be leader simply to prove that he is strong and enjoys the time they spend on the island, glorified. Ralph is treating the situation as it should be, dire, desperate to get the signal fire up in order to get rescued, whereas Jack simply wants to hunt for food, letting the fire out to do so, not caring. When Jack leaves the signal fire and goes hunting, a ship passed by and the boys miss an opportunity of getting

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