Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

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“ The thing is fear can’t hurt you any more than a dream”(Golding 91).William Golding gives us a very suspenseful and eventful story with Lord of the flies. Lord of Flies is set in WWII. A group of boys crash-land on a deserted island, and try to survive, but over time they descend into savagery. The main characters begin to hate each other as the book goes on, but Jack (the antagonist) initiates this. Jack’s lust for power and narcissism destabilizes the island and drives it to savagery over the course of the book. At the beginning of the book, Ralph’s leadership keeps the boys peaceful, stable, and happy. However, when Ralph is elected leader, Jack’s face turns bright red and he is upset. Then Ralph gives Jack the job of hunting and leading the hunters, so Jack is content for the time being. Ralph is respected and seen as the main authoritative figure in the group, as shown in this quote, “ The simple statement, unbacked by any proof but the weight of Ralph’s…show more content…
Jack started his own tribe and almost all of the boys went with him. All they do is hunt, dance, and play. They have no sense of getting off the island and have disregarded any purpose. The boys kill Simon because they think he is a beast and their minds are full of irrational thought. Then Jack kills piggy because he gets angry and doesn't like him. This quote shows that Jack and the boys except Ralph have turned into complete animals, “They hate you, Ralph. They're going to do you. They're going to hunt you tomorrow” (Golding 219). “Roger sharpened the stick at both ends”(Golding 220). Both of these quotes show that they have turned to hunting each other and that Roger plans on decapitating Ralph and putting his head on a stick. They are completely irrational and are killing one another. At the end of the book they are rescued because they set the whole island on fire to kill
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