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A Summary of Peter Singer’s “All Animals are Equal Reading Peter Singer's All Animals are Equal gives us a thought of how he see things in life that some people does not see or think of otherwise. In the said article, he is claiming that we all should give the same respect to the lives of non-human animals the same respect we give to the lives of human. He considers all that lives, human and non-human as equal in rights. To make his case and points of view, he must then overcome the claims that are presented towards speciesism. Peter Singer defines speciesism as an idea of an attitude or a prejudice that only favors the interests of one member of one own’s species, and somehow violates or goes against the interests of the other species. With this, he made three claims against it namely: equality is based on equal consideration; equality is a moral idea not a factual one; and lastly the idea that the capacity for suffering is a prerequisite for rights. His argument on this is that without speciesism, inequality cannot follow.…show more content…
He does this, by strongly claiming that for example, a dog can't be equal because they don't know what voting means and therefore removing them the right for equal consideration. He backed this one up by the logical thinking of the claim where men and women will always have a similar rights - but failed the claim because as women has the ability to give birth gives them a right for abortion wherein it will be impossible for men to have so, because they cannot have an abortion and is considered as just as incoherent as dogs having a right to

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