Pros And Cons Of The United States Postal Service

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The United States Postal Service has been around for centuries. As America advances through the years the USPS remains the way it has always been, traditional and a bit sluggish. Although the USPS seems to be out of date we shouldn’t just get rid of it. Instead why don't we revive the company with modern technologies so we still have this piece of American history but with little more present-day characteristics? The USPS is a great part of US history but with its lack of technology it’s not as useful as it was. In this day of age everyone seems to own a phone or computer and seem to find ways to connect to the internet. If the USPS considered getting involved with the internet they could expand their business globally because everyone would have access to them from anywhere in the world. In source A Daniel Stone says, “Make a play for control of government broadband [Internet Access].” He’s suggesting that the USPS should get into working with the internet to broaden their business and services. He also says that the Postal Service would be a communications-delivery service and not…show more content…
As America advances the USPS should be doing the same thing. They need to come up with a new business strategy that would help their company to be caught up with the current time period. Mail delivery isn't really needed now because everyone is on the go. Why would they want to waste their time going through a mailbox when they have a mobile one on their phones? In source C Ed O’Keefe says, “Customers are continuing to migrate to the internet and to cheaper standard options, and away from the Postal Service’s signature product.” When someone has a more convenient way of doing things then that’s what they’d prefer to do. Instead of them doing something more complicated like buying envelopes, stamps, pens, and paper they could just type something up and send it away with a click of a

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