The Hobbit Good Vs Evil

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The Hobbit, a book created by JRR Tolkien, illustrated the never-ending struggle between good and evil. Bilbo Baggins, the main character and hero of The Hobbit, encountered many different evils on his journey. Although the evils were as varied in intent as they were in name and appearance, they all had one thing in common. They were dark forces in a world in which good always fought to win for the good of the land and for the good of its inhabitants. Bilbo fought all of these enemies using varying techniques, skills, and wisdom, and triumphed every time. Smaug, the dragon, was the epitome of evil in the book. The driving force for the main storyline of the novel was that Smaug had taken over the mountain of the dwarves, decimated the nearby…show more content…
Bilbo was a simple fellow, a hobbit who took pleasure in his daily life and had never ventured far from his little hobbit hole. When Gandalf came to him and requested he take the journey of a lifetime, he looked deep within himself and found the courage and belief in the power of good he needed. Not only did he journey with the dwarves to help them in the recovery of their home and treasure but also, he risked his life time and again to save those men who had, during the adventure, become his friends. Bilbo did not once think of himself, but always of the others around him and what he could do to keep them alive and…show more content…
He fought in WWI with his friends, most of whom were then killed during battle. He saw the land that he loved being destroyed for no purpose. Fortunately, he survived the war and went on to become a father. Unfortunately, the son that he loved was drafted to fight in WWII so Tolkien again was exposed to the horrors of war and the real, dark, and evil powers that existed in the world in which he lived. Tolkien also had a definite interest in the story of Beowulf, an Old English epic poem set in Scandinavia. This poem details again, the struggle between good and evil and was an endless source of fascination and study for

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