The Relevance Of Emotions In Hamlet And Modern Society

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Although Hamlet was written during the Renaissance, the main themes of the play still remain today, such as revenge, deception, and madness. These various themes still have a major connection with people in today’s society. Even though, today it may not be common to poison a person, or battle in a duel, the main concepts of these situations are evident. The aspects of Hamlet that we still endure today are on an emotional level. Emotions are universal and never-changing (“Hamlet and Modern Society”). At different times in a person’s life they have experienced times where they can relate to a character in Hamlet. The themes of Hamlet can be revealed today through a person being able to emotionally connect with the feelings of the various characters.…show more content…
Hamlet comes up with this plan out of rage from finding out, from the ghost of his father, the details of how he died. During these scenes, Hamlet is full of emotion, but he is able to logically think through how to deal with the situation presented before him. The life lesson taught in these scenes can greatly influence how people today can calmly and effectively handle their emotions. Today, there are many times when people will act on impulse before even considering the consequences. Hamlet portrays the positive effects on thinking through the situation that lies ahead and not going off of emotional rage. This means that if the person can have a sense of tranquility, they will have a clear conscious going forth and understand the various outcomes of how they react to the situation. This shows how Hamlet is able to connect with the readers on a psychological and emotional level throughout the world

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