Rain Water Pollution

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THE EXPLORATORY STUDY OF PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF RAINWATER IN THE THREE SELECTED BARANGAYS OF MARIKINA CITY By: Francis Eisen C. Bagsic Review of Related Literature Rain acts as a powerful mechanism to remove pollutants from the atmosphere.. Precipitation is any product of the condensation of atmospheric water vapor that falls under gravity. Rainwater composition is important in evaluating the role of transport of soluble material and the contribution of different sources of atmospheric pollutants. Based on the work of Olowoyo, D. N. (2011), the collection of the rainwater samples were made from 15 different places in Delta area of Niger Delta. The samples were collected in the peak of rainy…show more content…
Hence, effort should be made by the appropriate authority to stop flaring of gases by the oil companies in due course. In the Study of Physicochemical Parameters of Rainwater: A Case Study of Karachi, Pakistan, rain water samples collected from eighteen different towns of Karachi were collected during monsoon season were used to monitor the quality of air. Their pH, electrical conductivity, total dissolved solids, dissolved oxygen and hardness were immediately monitored within next twenty four hours of sample…show more content…
The physical and chemical components of rain water may vary on the different air quality of a place. Physicochemical study of rainwater aims to produce information about the rain water in a specific area. Through this, the information produced determines the components of the rain water and how it affects the factors like pH level, turbidity, conductivity, hardness, total suspended solids and coliform colony counts. It also determines the effect of rainwater to people and to community. In this study, pH level, turbidity, conductivity, hardness, total suspended solids and coliform colony counts will be used to know the rain water quality in the different barangays in Marikina City. Some processes will be used and some tests and experiments will be done to produce information and findings. There will be set-ups for each barangay to determine their

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