Railway Track Project Report

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REAL TIME TRAIN TRACK MONITORING SYSTEM Neha Kondkari1, Saifuddin Shaikh2 and Mursaleen Shaikh3 1,2,3Dept. of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Xavier Institute Of Engineering Mahim, India E-mail:1kondkarineha@gmail.com, 2saif44012@gmail.com, 3shaikhz887@gmail.com Abstract-The project aims at detecting the railway track problems i.e. derailment of trains due problem in tracks. Along with this we have also added other function like managing the speed of train according to the signals. It includes the functioning of railway management system with track detection. The PIC microcontroller is the heart of the project. The IR sensor is used for detecting the crack in the railway tracks. Once the crack has been detected, railway authorities…show more content…
And then RF transmitter and Receiver is used for wireless communication it is operate at frequency 434mhz.The data transmit it wirelessly through RF antenna connected at pin no4.The RF module is often used along with a pair of encoder and decoder the encoder is used for encoding parallel data for transmission feed while reception is decoded by decoder. and LCD display is to display the message that track crack detection has been occurred.At the receiver section we have used the PIC IC 16F675 microcontroller chip it has 35 instruction to learn and interrupt capability, Direct, indirect and relative addressing mode and it has 6 input and output pin with individual direction control, high current

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