Missing Girls Short Story

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Missing Girls Once there was a group of girls who were going on a cruise for their 16th birthdays. Their names were Caroline, Katherine, Emily, Hannah, and Vanessa. They were going to the Bahamas.The day before they couldn't go to sleep. They were only talking about the trip for like a month before. When they got to the airport they were planning all the things they were going to do. They slept almost the whole flight so when they got there they would have a lot of energy. When they landed on Miami they took a taxi that took them where the cruise was leaving from. When they got inside the cruise they had a smile all the way to our ears. The cruise was really crowded and noisy. They went straight to their room. Caroline, Katherine and Hannah shared a room and Emily and Vanessa shared the other room. The rooms were connected through a door. They unpacked quickly and then went…show more content…
Caroline went to the bathroom and she left Katherine and Emily alone looking for Hannah and Vanessa. Emily and Katherine saw a woman that looked suspiciously and the got closer to her and suddenly Emily and Katherine were missing. Caroline was really didn't know what to do. She was looking around her to see if she sees something. She saw a woman that on her back she had a paper that said follow me. Caroline followed her and she got to a secret room that was on a door that said Special Employes Only that had a fingerprint door lock. The woman opened the door locked it and Caroline stayed there waiting for something to happen. The woman left and left the door open Caroline came in and saw all her friends with cuts around their bodies. Luckily here friends didn't die and went to the hospital when they got home. She saw a note on the floor that said “You had luck this time don't think next time you won't. I'll miss you but I'll see you back home. Btw I'm an old friend of you

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