Business Management Case Study: Darrden's Supply Chains

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Darden is known to have four major types of their supply chain for all of their canned food, sea food, small ware and also fresh foods which are of great help to the company. Darden usually distributes small ware directly which is of great advantage to them since it helps them to lower down the cost that they incur while they ship small items like plates napkins because they usually have a similar manufacturing area. It also helps the company in aligning all their main restaurants together. This makes it easier for the company to distribute small ware of the same quality to all their restaurants. Darden restaurants usually have another restaurant that is next to them, this makes it for the restaurants as they have similar carriers within their…show more content…
For example, if something happens in Orlando, FL the small ware is compromised Darden experiences some drawbacks and they are forced to buy other new products because they do not have any other distributer in the area that can get them any other items of small ware. The supply chain in their canned goods is usually problem-free. There are also some problems that are related to their supply chain for them to ensure that the products getting to them are fresh and also arrive on time. There are also some cost problems that are related to seafood supply chain. Some of the cost is incurred in paying the inspectors who check if the seafood is good for human consumption. Other costs incurred by this supply chain are cost of shipping the products, huge transportations and tax cost that are posed on those products. Most of the drawbacks that are associated with these supply chains are climate changes, also quality control that is related to the packaging where small ware can get broken or the other food can go bad or not get enough. Darden must also commit more time and money in tracking their orders while in

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