Infancy And Infancy Analysis

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Infancy and Childhood/ Temperament: When I was born I weighed 8 pounds and 9 ounces, I was a scheduled baby; I took a bottle every three hour when I first came home from St. Joseph’s Hospital. My family and family friends adjusted well to my birth, they were excited to have a little boy. My mother was 29 years old and my father was 34 years old. My first language development was described as early for a child. My first word was da-da and mama and I was described to have good communication skills. By this time, my mother had already had her nurse career and my father was employed at Hard Rock Café. I have one older sister and one little brother, but I do have older step-sister and brother from my father side that I still talk too. After the…show more content…
My father was little strict than my mother. He placed a large emphasis on academic success on me and my sister that because he wants us to be successful in life. My father doesn’t give rules much since I live with my mother the most but when he does come visit he always said “listen to your mother she always right “and if we failed to follow these rules. For instance, if we did something wrong he would immediately give us a phone call and talk about the situation then grounded until further notice. When my father was asked to explain the reasoning behind something sometimes he would listen to my side then my mom side of the story then take my mom side. Whether we were arguing something he would simply respond that because I am your father. For example, when I would ask him could I get a new car he would say no, but my older sister would get one. I ask him why he would respond I said so. At that point, the discussion would be over. Therefore, his parenting style was authoritarian. As I became an adult, I believe their parenting styles became more cohesive. My father parenting style changed because he began to accept my maturity and independence. My father thinks that I needed strict parenting and guidance as a child. He felt that the values he instilled in me while I was young would prepare me for adulthood. As I became an adult, he began to respect my opinions. He felt that I was prepared to make my own decisions and take responsibility for my own action. My mother offered a more democratic approach to parenting. For example, sometimes I lie to my mom. Every time she asks me where I’m going I always said to the park with my friend but I’m really going to college party she told me she loved me frequently and often. She established give rules and guidelines that we were expected to follow. Like when I and my sister wanted to go to

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