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Why Make a Facebook Account Most people believe that having a Facebook account is not necessary to live a normal life. However, owning an account offers countless benefits to people of all ages, including school students to business workers. Browsing on Facebook is a quick and entertaining way to spend your leisure time. Making and accessing to the account only takes a couple of minutes, either on phone or computer. Setting Up an Account Making a Facebook account takes no longer than a minute. Before anything else, people must enter basic information about themselves, such as their name, password, email address, etc. The Facebook team recommends to insert the users’ real names, so that their friends will be able to easily find the user. Next,…show more content…
However, there are a couple ways to avoid being addicted to Facebook. One of the major reasons that people check Facebook is to check their notifications to check if anyone replied to their comment or liked their picture. If the person is on a phone, a simple way to stop notifications is to turn off the notifications from the settings of the phone. The main distraction of Facebook is its news feed, where the person can see their friends and followed pages’ latest posts. A straightforward solution would be for a person to challenge themselves to not look at Facebook until they finish their work and have a reward for themselves at the end. Facebook can be a disturbance, but if people can use it at the correct times, it can be a fun, useful website to connect with friends. Conclusion In conclusion, Facebook accounts are useful to anyone, from pupils to elders. The process of making a Facebook account is certainly effortless and simple. Every step of making the account is worth it when the person can personalize their profile, post pictures of their favorite moments, and look at updates from friends or liked pages. Facebook is an amazing thing to do in a person’s spare time, and everyone in the world should have a

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