Race In Shakespeare Essay

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William Shakespeare has frequently focused and discussed race, and how it is represented in many of his sonnets and dramas. While many commenters have debated why Shakespeare is using race, it’s employed that he uses ethnic origin as a lineage or ancestry purpose, appertaining to aristocratic blood or sovereignty. However, the use of race is highly related to conflict in many of Shakespeare’s works including Othello, and also satirizes race in Sonnets 127 and 130. Through different levels, each of these pieces tackle rigidity between race and culture. In these three writings, Shakespeare greatly alludes to a diversity of stereotypes by portraying racial interactions, word choice of “fair” and “black,” and attributions in which constructs a…show more content…
Iago jests to Brabantio, comparing Othello to a horse, and continues his joke by tell him that he will have little kids neigh to him, leaving Brabantio to believe Othello is solely there to corrupt Desdemona. These type of racist slurs and the allurement to black creates a center point in Shakespeare's work, which makes this an important characteristic. Shakespeare could have easily made Othello isolated in many other ways, but chose race for a reason, but does not mean race is the cause to why Othello’s story formed the way it is, but instead to contend that race and the insinuations of being a distinct and important character in the position of authority who is of color aids to catering Othello’s own self-defeat resonating in terror and uncertainty. Race is such an important catalyst, because if not for Othello and his skin color, he may have not had some of the same issues (manipulation, doubt, etc.) because he knows his skin color devises an obstacle in his life, and he realizes that no matter the severity of his valiant actions, he will remain a foreigner. The characters purposely had overly racist lines and remarks to communicate these ideas to the audience, and attempted satirize and or comment on racism and social constructs in European population in the Sixteenth

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